The downside of duplication

Has this ever happened to you?

You wash your sheets and go to make your bed with delightful clean sheets from the linen cupboard.  Which set of sheets should I use?  One set is missing a matching pillow case, one is a bit scratchy and for emergencies only, and there are 9 random white pillow cases in the back of the cupboard. The one you really love is in the wash and while you have 4 or 5 other sets (or mish-mash sets) they are not the ones you really love.

And it is not just the bed-sheets. Tea-cups, towels, clothes, stationary, laundry products, kitchenware, glasses, cutlery - you name it if you have been living in your house for a while you have double (and triple and quadruple) of everything!

Why is it annoying?

Well it's not really...unless it is filling up your home with things you don't really need or use or even really like.

But the real downside of duplication is that it can stop you from appreciating and using the things you really love.

Do you have two sets of tea-cups, and only bring one out 'for best'?  Why?  If you love it, use it all the time!  Have you got so many platters that you have forgotten about your favourite platter that you lugged all the way back from New-York, the one that has a great story to it that you love remembering every time you use it?  We have so much stuff that these things can easily become out of sight and out of mind and hiding behind all the other stuff. Such a shame, because so often it is the little things that make us smile.  So let's make as many little things smiling moments as possible!

How to avoid it?

I don't want to use the term 'spark joy' because here at This Little Life, we try and embrace a much more pragmatic approach to dealing with all our stuff - it is unlikely that a bottle opener is ever going to spark joy, but we still really need them, use them and probably have four of them - but one that works better than all the others.  So here are some rules that we like to apply at This Little Life.

#1 Love it madly or need it badly (ok - a little 'spark joy'ie)

An old friend once mentioned that she uses this rule when buying new clothes.  And it applies for anything you have accumulated already.  Pull out all your bowls and plates. Which ones do you love?  Put them back in the cupboard and use them all the time.  Which ones are just there 'making up the numbers'?  Put them in the donation pile or give them to someone you know that has a genuine need for them.

#2 One in, one out

See a new pair of shoes that you absolutely love (see rule #1) - no problem, embrace your purchase and spend away! Just make sure that you get rid of another pair of shoes that you don't love as much or haven't used in more than 6 months.

#3 Quality over quantity

You have tossed all the bed-sheets that you don't love, are looking tired and have lost their fitted-sheet elastic, and you are down to your favourite set, and maybe an emergency set for when you accidentally leave the sheets in the washing machine.  When it is time to buy your next purchase, spend some time and 'embrace the chase', buy the best quality you can afford, and something that you really love (again it all comes back to rule #1) or is the most 'fit-for-purpose'.

For bed-sheets, we recommend, they are 100% bamboo and are much more environmentally friendly than buying cotton sheets.  But more importantly, they are like sleeping on a beautiful silky smooth cloud of goodness.

Then apply rule #2, donate that emergency set to an animal shelter or a charity shop that accepts bedding.  Now you have two sheet sets that you love, will last a long time and want to enjoy everyday.

#4 If you wouldn't pay full price, then don't buy it at sale price

This doesn't mean don't buy something on sale - who doesn't love a bargain!  But, if you are not prepared to pay the usual price for something, then you probably don't love it or need it enough to buy it at all.

These are just some little tips that can help you really understand what you want, love and need in your own space.  If you need someone to help keep you accountable and work through your house (or a loved ones) in a methodical way to achieve real progress, book in a free consultation and let This Little Life work with you to get the life you love.